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Red Hat and Li9 are getting the local Red Hat User’s Group going again. This is a great opportunity to get caught up on Red Hat’s latest solutions and meet other local technologists.  

September 27th,  4-7PM  –  Culinary Dropout  –   149 S Farmer Ave, Tempe, AZ

About Us

At Li9 Technology Solutions, we are more than just consultants and software and cloud resellers, we are your reliable ally in the ever-evolving landscape of IT Infrastructure and Application Delivery Solutions.  Our mission extends beyond just delivering cutting-edge services, we aim to be an indispensable part of your digital transformation journey.

In today’s rapidly shifting digital terrain, businesses are striving to gain a competitive edge.  To achieve this, they need to deliver extraordinary customer experiences, launch innovative digital products swiftly, and uncover substantial efficiency gains through automation and modernization.  The stakes are high, the race is intense, and often, the speed of progress does not align with the pace of aspirations.


Li9 is at the forefront in providing robust IT infrastructure strategy,
forward-thinking architecture, and seamless implementation services.  

Modern DevOps

At Li9, we understand that in the fast-paced world of software development, speed ..

Integrated Security

Li9 Technology Solutions brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise…

Cloud Native

As a paramount IT solutions provider, Li9 has carved out a distinguished reputation in delivering…

Intelligent IT Automation

As a leading IT Automation Solutions provider, Li9 is passionately committed to harnessing …


Li9 Architects continuously research and validate traditional and emerging technologies to bring multi-vendor integrated solutions and reference architectures to our customers for rapid, secure implementation, focused on business value.  This allows Li9 to provide strategic and unbiased advice about infrastructure strategies and technologies supported by unmatched industry knowledge and capabilities here are some of our key partners that provide best-in-class solutions.

Li9 Customers

Li9 Technology Solutions is known for its exceptional IT Infrastructure and Application delivery solutions to customers.  We’re passionate about driving business growth and technological advancements for our customers, offering customized solutions that truly make a difference.  We leverage our years of industry experience and innovative technology strategies to help businesses overcome their unique challenges and reach new heights.  Li9’s dedication to customer success is reflected in customers that span all industries and sizes.  Here are some of Li9’s current and recent customers:

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Success Stories

Li9 Success Stories in Driving Digital Transformation

Li9  works with customers to identify technology challenges and develop solutions that provide technology success and true business value.

Privacy – Maintaining confidentiality and transparency is essential with Li9 projects.  Li9 treats all project-related information as confidential and  provides designated customer stakeholders with access to this information throughout the project.