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How We Do It

Li9 is a Modern IT Solutions provider focused on driving successful DevSecOps transformations. We understand the critical importance of integrating security and automation seamlessly into the entire infrastructure and software development lifecycle.

We provide IT Infrastructure strategy, architecture, implementation services, and knowledge transfer with expert level consulting and in partnership with leading vendors in current and emerging technologies to create modern IT infrastructures and true CI/CD application delivery solutions. 

Our 5 Areas of Expertise

Modern DevOps

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, the strategic integration of security within DevOps — known as DevSecOps — has become a linchpin for organizations aiming to harmonize rapid deployment with robust security controls.  Recognizing this imperative, Li9  has positioned itself at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging the advanced capabilities of GitLab to foster a more secure, efficient, and responsive DevOps environment for our customers.

GitLab is a comprehensive platform that serves as the cornerstone of our DevSecOps strategy. At Li9, we understand that in the fast-paced world of software development, speed and agility are as essential as robustness and security. That’s why we harness the power of GitLab’s unified, end-to-end DevOps platform, bringing its seamless integration capabilities to our customers.

This approach allows us to empower organizations to accelerate their software delivery timelines without compromising on security or compliance. By weaving security practices directly into the DevOps pipeline, we enable a preventative security model that detects potential risks earlier in the development process, reducing remediation costs and promoting a culture of security-awareness across teams.

By leveraging GitLab in our DevSecOps offerings, Li9 Technology Solutions promotes a seamless synergy between fast-paced development, stringent security measures, and regulatory compliance. This results in a more resilient, efficient, and secure software development life cycle for our customers, strengthening their competitive stance in the dynamic world of digital innovation.

Integrated Security

Li9 Technology Solutions brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge and expertise in the realm of Integrated Security. Our professional pedigree is steeped in our comprehensive range of robust security solutions designed to address the complex challenges of today’s digital infrastructure. With a firm commitment to providing agile and affordable security services, we leverage the innovative capabilities of Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) to ensure the ongoing protection and resilience of our clients’ IT systems.

However, our proficiency does not end with security. In the pursuit of holistic IT solutions, Li9 brings its formidable experience to bear in the domains of DevOps, Cloud Computing, and Automation, knitting these distinct areas into a seamless, unified strategy. This integration is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering comprehensive, top-tier services that bring real-world results.

Our capabilities are uniquely flexible, with the power to implement solutions in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments, or deliver them as a service for ease and convenience. At Li9 Technology Solutions, we view our customers as partners, and it is this ethos that drives our commitment to delivering comprehensive, client-focused solutions that drive security, efficiency, and innovation. Whether you’re aiming to strengthen your security posture, streamline your operations, or drive digital transformation, Li9 stands ready as your trusted IT solutions provider.

Complete Automation

As a leading IT Automation Solutions provider, Li9 is passionately committed to harnessing the groundbreaking potential of automation to revolutionize IT service delivery and business processes. We work from the vantage point of the ‘Five Senses of Intelligent Automation’, a framework that centralizes technology as the core of our solutions, acknowledging the fact that machines can perform tasks with greater efficiency and precision than their human counterparts.

Our dynamic approach to IT automation hinges on achieving broad automation coverage at scale, a goal we reach through our considerable storehouse of reusable automation assets. This, combined with our robust governance mechanisms and firm commitment to value realization, ensures that our customers enjoy tangible, measurable outcomes from their automation investments.

Li9 has adopted Ansible Automation Platform as a key instrument in its solutions arsenal. This powerful tool empowers us to dismantle organizational silos, paving the way for a borderless, customer-focused organization where automation is not just an attribute but the very fabric of operations.

With Ansible, we deliver holistic, integrated solutions that enhance operational agility, foster rapid deployment, streamline workflows, and bolster security. Through automation, we liberate human potential to focus on strategic, high-level tasks, and foster innovation. At Li9, we’re not just automating processes; we’re catalyzing digital transformation, helping organizations evolve into the future-ready enterprises they aspire to be.

Cloud Native

As a paramount IT solutions provider, Li9 has carved out a distinguished reputation in delivering AWS Cloud Native Solutions, enabling businesses to fully harness the extraordinary capabilities of cloud computing. In a bid to empower our customers, we seamlessly integrate AWS Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes with their existing development, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), and DevOps infrastructures.

Our holistic approach places a special emphasis on optimizing resource utilization, facilitating scalability, and ensuring unwavering availability, providing a robust foundation for companies to thrive in the cloud. Through the integration of AWS Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes, we establish an environment where applications can grow organically, adapt to fluctuating demand, and maintain performance under varying load conditions.

Our expertise transcends the common boundaries of cloud-native applications. With AWS as our partner, we embody flexibility, reliability, and security in every solution we deliver, always prioritizing our customers’ unique requirements and business objectives. We don’t just deliver solutions, we shape a resilient, cloud-centric future for our customers. With Li9, businesses can confidently navigate their cloud-native journey, knowing they are backed by an industry leader with a proven track record of leveraging AWS Cloud Native solutions.

Knowledge Transfer

Li9 Technology Solutions goes beyond the conventional role of an IT solutions provider, deeply investing in the growth and self-reliance of our customers through our dedication to comprehensive knowledge transfer. As experts in Modern DevOps, Integrated Security, Complete Automation, and Cloud Native solutions, our commitment doesn’t end with the successful implementation.

Upon the completion of each project, we believe in empowering our customers with a profound understanding of the deployed solutions, and the necessary skills to manage and optimize them. Our training programs, designed with a keen focus on real-world applications, equip our customers with the knowledge to leverage the full potential of our solutions – be it streamlining processes through DevOps, fortifying their systems with Integrated Security, harnessing the power of Automation for improved efficiency, or embracing the scalability and agility of Cloud Native architectures.

This emphasis on knowledge transfer and training prepares our customers for future IT challenges, enabling them to maintain their systems effectively, and maximize the return on their investment. We see this as a critical component of our partnership with customers, enhancing their long-term success and propelling their business into the future with confidence.