Li9 is focused on DevOps, Cloud, Automation, and Security.  We provide strategy, architecture, and implementation services to National and Global customers across industries.

Li9’s goal is to modernize our customer’s IT environments with Best-in-Class Open Source and commercial products, with Solutions built with solutions from traditional and emerging technology vendors.

Red Hat CentOS Past, Present and Future - Lunch & Learn

Red Hat’s shift from CentOS Downstream to CentOS Upstream is being seen differently by CentOS users. Some see it as the “rug being pulled out,” and others see it as access to a more stable pre-release Red Hat Enterprise Linux than was available with RHEL Upstream, Fedora.


Accelerate Your Journey to Streamlined IT for Continuous Delivery and Innovation.   Plan smarter, collaborate better, and ship faster with our DevSecOps solutions that help you stay ahead in the game of digital transformation.   


Li9 will help you to automate all the routine and complex IT processes.  Li9 experts will analyze the current infrastructure and execute processes audit, will design, and implement the new automation infrastructure and make your team onboarded.


Optimize Your Cloud Transition to Catalyze Business Agility and Growth. Transform your infrastructure and applications, and empower your digital journey with our comprehensive suite of cloud services.


Li9 works with the most efficient and robust solutions available on the market. Li9 Experts will advise you what available Security Products will work for you most efficiently and be suitable for your environment – on-premises or cloud, private or publicly available.


Deploy and start using modern technologies as quick as possible. Li9 experts will design, automate and deploy the leadership products and solutions. Li9 team will work with your teams to ensure that your team is onboarded and feels comfortable with the new solution.

Success Stories

Li9 successfully enables complex projects for our customers, including Finance, Oil, Medicine, Health Insurance, and IT companies. Li9 team is proud of our successes and happy to share some details of our projects with you. Please reach us to know more.

Professional Certificates

Li9 experts keep more than 600 professional certificates across all the Information Technologies areas, including solutions of leading IT field leaders such as Red Hat, IBM, VMWare, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, Hashicorp, Nutanix.