Cloud Native

At Li9 Technology Solutions, we bridge the gap between innovative technology and business transformation through our pioneering Cloud Native Solutions. Recognizing the game-changing role of cloud technologies in today’s digital age, our solutions are designed to unlock the full potential of the cloud ecosystem for your business, leading to superior operational scalability, agility, and resilience.

Our Cloud Native Solutions are underscored by the power and efficiency of containers and microservices, the two pillars of modern, scalable, and portable software architecture. Containers provide your applications with a consistent, lightweight, and standalone operating environment, enhancing their portability and efficiency across various cloud platforms. Microservices orient your applications as a suite of independent services, each running a unique process and communicating through a well-defined, lightweight mechanism, which allows for easy updates, independent scaling, and improved resilience during failures.

Li9 Technology Solutions ensures that your custom solutions are designed and adjusted to leverage this innovative architectural style fully. The effect is a powerful triad of business-critical benefits: agility in addressing changing business needs, portability ensuring improved resource utilization and load balancing, and scalability providing better customer experiences during demand surges.

In our pursuit of delivering holistic cloud solutions, we align our strategies with your specific business goals and challenges. Our focus remains on enhancing your time-to-market with faster services, reducing IT infrastructure costs, improving inter-team collaboration, fostering innovation, and providing robust and scalable disaster recovery solutions.

With our Cloud Native Solutions, navigate your business through the shifting terrains of the digital landscape with ease and confidence. Experience operational excellence based on the strength of the cloud, and witness your IT environment transform into a catalyst for business growth.

Li9 Cloud Native Services

1. Containerization: We utilize Red Hat OpenSHift – one of the leading container platforms, to package and distribute software across your teams and environments, ensuring consistent execution and reducing conflicts between different environments and varying cloud platforms.

2. Microservices: We design and develop robust applications using a microservices architecture, fostering easier maintenance, smooth updates, and independent scaling of each service. This approach improves fault isolation, making applications resilient and improving the overall user experience.

3. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): By utilising GitLab, we automate the life cycle from code integration to production deployment. This continuous process helps in accelerating the software delivery and enhancing the overall product quality.

4. Multi-Cloud Adoption: By implementing a multi-cloud strategy, we unlock the benefits of various cloud platforms, optimizing cost-efficiency, performance, and redundancy comes to the fore.

5. Cloud Infrastructure Assessment: We thoroughly assess your existing infrastructure, identify bottlenecks, and recommend optimization strategies. This service ensures your cloud setup aligns well with your business objectives and maximizes operational efficiency.

6. Serverless Computing: We design and implement serverless architectures using technologies like AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions. Our serverless computing strategies help businesses to scale effortlessly, reduce operational costs, and focus more on core business logic instead of managing servers.

7. Cloud-Native Databases: We architect and implement cloud-native databases that offer flexibility, scalability, and performance to your applications. We work with solutions like Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL, and other managed database services, ensuring smooth data management and operations.

8. DevOps and Cloud-Native Integration: We integrate DevOps practices with cloud-native technologies to align your development and operations efforts with cloud scalability and speed. This allows for rapid, iterative software development and deployment further enhancing the speed and reliability of delivering changes to the market.

9. Enterprise Cloud Migration: Utilizing proven strategies and tools, we execute seamless migration of your applications and data to the cloud. Our team ensures minimal disruption to your business and optimizes the migrated resources for cloud operation, resulting in higher performance and scalability.

10. Cloud-native APIs: We design and develop cloud-native APIs that are highly scalable, reliable and can easily integrate with other systems. Cloud-native APIs allow your services to interact seamlessly in the distributed and complex cloud environments.

11. Cloud Monitoring and Performance Management: We offer comprehensive monitoring and performance management services using tools like Google Stackdriver and Amazon CloudWatch. These services enable you to gain real-time insights into your cloud operations, helping in proactive issue detection and performance optimization.

12. Cloud Network Solutions: We architect robust and secure cloud networks that can adapt to the dynamic needs of cloud-native applications. Our cloud network solutions ensure high availability, performance, and security for your cloud workloads.

By incorporating these Cloud Native services from Li9 Technology Solutions, your business is empowered to leverage the full range of benefits offered by cloud technologies, driving innovation, agility, and efficiency in your operations.