Modern DevOps

At Li9 Technology Solutions, our objective is to align advanced technology applications with your strategic business objectives. Our suite of Modern DevOps services is meticulously designed to transform your business operations and boost your overall productivity. By concentrating on enhanced IT collaboration, we pave the way for robust business growth and efficiency.

Our DevOps Services seamlessly link your business, development, and operations teams. This cross-functional approach results in shortened development cycles, faster time-to-market, and improved product quality. The fusion of streamlined workflows and automated processes boosts your operational efficiency, ultimately driving your business scalability and agility.

We delve into the depth of your business challenges, thus delivering solutions that are customized and aligned with your business objectives. Our services range from CI/CD, IaC, microservices, containerization, cloud-native transformations to optional managed services. Not only do these solutions improve your technical competencies, but they also add tremendous business value by reducing operational costs, promoting innovation, and ensuring faster delivery of your products or services.

Our emphasis is on integrating advanced practices right into your business model, thereby reducing potential risks, facilitating smooth communication, and ensuring effective collaboration across your organization. By focusing on your unique business needs and leveraging our industry expertise, our DevOps services morph into a powerful catalyst driving your business growth and market competitiveness.

At Li9 Technology Solutions, our commitment is to place your business at the forefront of technological advancements. Engage with our Modern DevOps solutions and witness your business transforming into a flexible, resilient, and agile entity ready to navigate the dynamics of the evolving digital landscape.

Partner with Li9 Technology Solutions for driving strategic transformations with our Modern Devops solutions. Empower your business with solutions meticulously designed to bring efficiency, innovation, and enhanced productivity to your IT operations, ensuring competitiveness in your industry.

Li9 Modern DevOps Services

1. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD):
We are experts at leveraging GitLab to automate your software release process.    CI/CD pipelines are constructed that fast-track your software development lifecycle, ensuring  consistent deployments, and enabling quick anomaly detection and rectification for high-quality software delivery, and increasing  the overall efficiency of your software development lifecycle.

2. Infrastructure As Code (IAC):
Our IaC practices, empowered by Ansible, automate the provisioning and management of your IT infrastructure.  This approach brings speed, consistency, and repeatability to deploying environments for your applications, supporting the rapid transition from development to production.

3. Microservices Architecture:
With Microservices, we design your business applications as a suite of modular services, facilitating independent updates, improved fault tolerance, higher availability, and a smoother user experience.

4. Monitoring and Log Management:
Our services provide comprehensive insights into your system performance, assisting with informed decision-making, efficient resource allocation, and effective incident management.

5. Containerization and Orchestration:
By leveraging  Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform, Li9 enables your applications to run reliably across different environments, maximizing scalability, portability, and cost-effectiveness.

6. Cloud-Native Transformation:
Our experts help you migrate to a cloud-native architecture for agility, resilience, efficient resource utilization, and faster market response.

7. Automation Strategies:
We develop and implement comprehensive automation strategies that streamline your workflows, reduce errors, and enhance operational efficiency.

8. Security Integration:
With security as a priority, we integrate security checks at every development stage to identify and resolve potential threats proactively.

9. Cloud Infrastructure Assessment:  We thoroughly assess your existing infrastructure, identify bottlenecks, and recommend optimization strategies. This service ensures your cloud setup aligns well with your business objectives and maximizes operational efficiency.’

10. Serverless Computing: We design and implement serverless architectures using technologies like AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions. Our serverless computing strategies help businesses to scale effortlessly, reduce operational costs, and focus more on core business logic instead of managing servers.

12. Cloud-Native Databases: We architect and implement cloud-native databases that offer flexibility, scalability, and performance to your applications. We work with solutions like Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL, and other managed database services, ensuring smooth data management and operations.

13. DevOps and Cloud-Native Integration: We integrate DevOps practices with cloud-native technologies to align your development and operations efforts with cloud scalability and speed. This allows for rapid, iterative software development and deployment further enhancing the speed and reliability of delivering changes to the market.

Our expanded suite of DevOps services, backed by robust partnerships, industry expertise, and a deep understanding of open-source technology, enable Li9 Technology Solutions to contribute to your business effectiveness. We focus on maximizing business value and enhancing operational efficiency, making your enterprise resilient, future-ready, and competitive.