Are you prepared for the CentOS end-of-life on June 30th? 

April 22, 2024

CentOS End-of-Life: A Smooth Transition to RHEL with Li9 Support

The CentOS project, a popular and free Linux distribution, is reaching its end-of-life (EOL) on June 30th, 2023. This means CentOS will no longer receive critical security updates and patches, leaving systems vulnerable. For businesses and organizations relying on CentOS, it’s crucial to consider a strategic migration plan.

Why Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)?

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is a leading commercial Linux distribution known for its stability, security, and comprehensive support. Migrating to RHEL offers several advantages:

          • Long-term support: RHEL subscriptions provide regular updates, patches, and extended support lifecycles.
          • Enhanced Security: RHEL undergoes rigorous security testing and certification, ensuring protection against vulnerabilities.
          • Expert Assistance: Red Hat offers world-class technical support, minimizing downtime and resolving issues quickly.

Success Story: CentOS to RHEL

See how this large company recently transitioned from CentOS to RHEL in a PeerSpot-verified case study. Their experience highlights the benefits of migrating to RHEL and the importance of having a well-planned migration strategy.

Case Study

Li9’s Customizable Migration Solutions

Li9 understands that every organization has unique needs. That’s why we offer prebuilt RHEL migration solutions that are highly customizable to your specific infrastructure and requirements. Our solutions include:

      • Migration Planning: We assess your environment and develop a tailored migration roadmap.
      • Implementation & Deployment: Our team handles the technical aspects of the migration seamlessly.
      • Post-Migration Support: We provide ongoing support and optimization to ensure a smooth RHEL experience

CentOS to RHEL Migration QuickStart Solution Brief

Don’t Wait, Act Now

The CentOS EOL deadline is fast approaching. Proactive planning ensures a smooth transition that safeguards your business operations. To learn more about your migration options and how Li9 can support you, visit


      • Q: What are the risks of staying with CentOS after EOL?
        • A: You’ll face increased security vulnerabilities, software incompatibility, and potential compliance issues.
      • Q: How complex is an RHEL migration?
        • A: The complexity depends on your infrastructure. Li9’s solutions and expertise streamline the process.