Join us for an exclusive virtual event, “Unlocking the Power of OpenShift Virtualization with Li9,” designed to showcase the immense potential of OpenShift Virtualization. This event will highlight the benefits of this cutting-edge technology and demonstrate Li9’s unparalleled expertise in delivering comprehensive OpenShift Virtualization solutions, including environment setup, migration assistance, knowledge transfer, and thorough documentation.

Why Attend?

  • Modern Virtualization: Explore the latest OpenShift Kubernetes Virtualization features and strategies for cost-efficient VM management.
  • Live Migrations: Witness real-time migrations from VMware Windows and Linux VMs to OpenShift Virtualization.
  • Cost Comparison: Analyze cost-effectiveness between VMWare Bundles and OpenShift Virtualization for equivalent server and storage configurations.
  • Expert Q&A: Have your pressing questions addressed by our virtualization experts during and after the presentation.

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    For any questions or additional information, please contact us at [email protected] or call/text 855.832.4764.

    We look forward to your participation!