Red Hat OpenShift Container Solution Cloud Platforms

Kubernetes Power-Up for Scalable, Cloud-Native Apps.

Solution Overview

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is the industry leadership, modern, and enterprise-grade container platform built based on industry-standard components and frameworks such as Kubernetes, Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS. Expert design and implementation service to deliver Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform in a Public Cloud, Virtualization Platform, or on Bare Metal.

The solution comes with persistent storage that supports both stateless and stateful applications. The service allows developers and IT organizations to rapidly adopt enterprise-grade Kubernetes application development and deployment so they can focus on what matters most, their applications.

Openshift Diagram

Customer Challenges

  • Complex OpenShift Deployment: Managing OpenShift requires intricate planning, design, and expertise, diverting resources from core application development.
  • Limited Focus on Applications: Traditional infrastructure management leaves less time for building and scaling critical applications.
  • Lack of Platform Flexibility: Difficulty deploying OpenShift across diverse platforms like public clouds, VMs, or bare metal hinders broader adoption.
  • Unoptimized OpenShift Performance: Suboptimal deployment and configuration can lead to performance issues and reduced platform efficiency.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Simplified OpenShift Management: Li9 handles deployment and configuration, freeing your team to focus on application development.
  • Accelerated Application Time-to-Value: Rapidly deploy and utilize OpenShift to speed up containerization efforts and application delivery.
  • Enhanced Platform Flexibility: Deploy OpenShift seamlessly across your preferred infrastructure, including public clouds, VMs, and bare metal.
  • Optimized and Reliable OpenShift: Benefit from Li9’s expertise and best practices for a dependable and high-performing platform.
  • Increased Efficiency and Predictability: Leverage automation scripts and testing for streamlined delivery and consistent results.
  • Clear Focus on Business Goals: Harness the power of OpenShift to achieve your desired digital transformation objectives.

Solution Deliverables

This service includes multiple phases to implement the initial fully functional Red Hat OpenShift cluster according to Red Hat’s best practices.

  • Planning and discovery: We will work with your team to understand your technical requirements, container platform use cases, and network, security, storage, and compute capacity requirements. During the planning phase, we will identify the target hosting platform. 
  • Prerequisites: Service may be dependent on some underlying infrastructure access and settings. Our project team will help you configure service install prerequisites to prepare a virtualization platform or bare metal infrastructure, depending on the preferred way of deployment. 
  • Automation development: The service assumes that an OpenShift cluster will be delivered in an automated fashion if it is possible. Li9 engineers will develop an automation approach to deploy and configure the Red Hat OpenShift cluster. Automation will also be used to perform post-deployment testing to ensure the Openshift installation works as expected. 
  • Cluster Provisioning: An OpenShift cluster will be deployed according to the requirements collected on the Discovery stage; all necessary customization will be done according to Red Hat best practices. This stage varies depending on your target hosting platform. 
  • Post Deployment Configuration: This stage includes several steps to integrate the cluster with your environment identity configuration, configuring basic user accesses, injecting appropriate cluster SSL certificates, and Persistent Storage Configuration. 
  • Testing: We will perform many automated tests to ensure that the Red Hat OpenShift cluster and its components work as expected. 
  • Acceptance testing: Our team will be working closely with your team to make sure you can deploy demo applications using the cluster we recently provisioned.

Customer Prerequisites

The following items should be in place or provided for Li9 Professional Services to quickly and successfully deploy the Openshift Platform 

  • Access to infrastructure: Li9 Professional Services requires remote access to your infrastructure to complete the work involved. 
  • Assistance during implementation: For Li9 to complete implementation work and debug issues we may uncover, we must have access to customer staff who are responsible for the administration of underlying platforms (such as hypervisors, private/public clouds), networking equipment, firewalls, load balancers etc. 
  • Timely participation: In order to keep projects on schedule and ensure the necessary personnel will be available, it is important that both parties adhere to agreed-upon schedules and provide ample notice of any changes to those schedules.

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