Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Intelligent IT Automation

Solution Overview

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is the foundation for building and operating automation services at scale, providing enterprises with a composable, collaborative, and trusted execution environment. It meets customers where they are in their automation journey, bringing them a flexible automation platform to facilitate success from multiple points in the IT infrastructure. Li9 Technology Solutions provides a rapid Ansible Automation implementation service that helps you to start using automation.

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Customer Challenges

  • Manual IT Management across Diverse Domains: Customers struggle with managing multiple IT domains (compute, virtualization, containerization, storage, networking, security) requiring significant manual effort from operations, engineering, and DevOps teams.
  • Slow Adoption and Evaluation of Configuration Management: Difficulty in rapidly adopting and evaluating effective configuration management processes using Ansible technology in a structured and secure manner.
  • Lack of Scalable Ansible Management: Inability to manage Ansible at scale with features like RBAC, AD integration, and logging, hindering efficient automation.
  • Limited Automation Expertise and Infrastructure: Customers might need skilled personnel or necessary infrastructure to implement and maintain robust automation solutions.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Slash manual configuration time: Automate routine tasks across diverse IT domains, from provisioning to patching, and let your team focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Reduce human error: Enforce consistent configurations and eliminate manual errors that lead to downtime and security vulnerabilities.
  • Cut deployment time: Automate software rollouts and infrastructure changes, allowing for quicker application updates and faster time-to-market.
  • Respond to changing demands instantly: Scale your infrastructure up or down with ease, enabling rapid adaptation to market fluctuations and business growth.
  • Lower infrastructure costs: Optimize resource utilization and eliminate wasted capacity through automated provisioning and configuration.

Solution Deliverables

  • Ansible Automation Controller Single Node Deployment:  Li9 team will install and configure Ansible Automation Controller on a standalone Virtual Server or Public Cloud instance.
  • Central Authentication using LDAP/AD:  Li9 team will integrate Ansible Automation Controller with your existing LDAP or Active Directory service. Users will use their existing Active Directory (or LDAP) accounts to access Ansible Automation Controllers.
  • Repository File Structure:  Li9 team will create automation repository file structure that is aligned with Ansible best practices.
  • Ansible Playbooks/Roles to Automate Routine Tasks:  Li9 team will develop a number of ansible playbooks (or roles) to automate routine tasks according to the use case. These automation playbooks will be pushed to a customer git repository to be consumed later from Ansible Automation Controller.

Customer Prerequisites

The following items should be in place or provided for Li9 Professional Services:

  • Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform Subscription: For the Pilot Project, you will need at least a minimal Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 100 Node subscription, purchased from Li9. 
  • Compute Platform Access: The solution assumes to use some compute and storage resources to deploy Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, we will need the administrative access to perform the initial Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform deployment.
  • Version Control System: Ansible Automation Platform relies on Version Control. We would expect a GIT repository to be accessible with RW access rights.

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