Portworx Enterprise QuickStart Service

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Portworx Enterprise QuickStart

Solution Overview

This service includes multiple phases to implement a working Portworx Enterprise Storage integration with an existing Kubernetes (or OpenShift) installation.

Planning: Our project team will work with your experts to understand your technical requirements, container storage use cases and storage capacity requirements.

Discovery: Our project team will perform a discovery to understand your environmental architecture and container storage needs. We will also collect all required information to move forward with implementation like Kubernetes version, block storage configuration.

Prerequisites: Our team will help you to configure service pre-install prerequisites like compute node block storage configuration and Kubernetes (or OpenShift) accesses. You may need to add new disks to your Kubernetes cluster nodes. We expect a cooperation to deliver all prerequisites. Please check the full list of prerequisites in the “Service Prerequisites” chapter.

Automation development: The service assumes an automated way to deliver a Portworx Enterprise cluster. During this phase our engineers will develop an automation to deploy and configure Portworx Enterprise cluster and underlying Kubernetes cluster to support persistent storage functionality. Additionally, automation is used to perform a post deployment testing to make sure if Portworx installation works as expected.

Deployment: Portworx Enterprise cluster will be deployed and configured using the automation.

Testing: We will perform a number of automated tests to make sure that Portworx cluster works as expected. This also includes a number of tests related to stateful application deployments (like a database server with RWO volume, or a Web Server with RWX volume).

Knowledge sharing: We will deliver a hands-on session which will help you to start using Portworx on Kubernetes smoothly. You will be working on real life stateful application deployments using Kubernetes persistent storage concept.

Solution Deliverables

The service assumes multiple outputs.

Portworx Enterprise deployment automation: There will be an automation which allows you to deploy Portworx Enterprise on your Kubernetes cluster. The automation allows you to repeat deployment process whenever you need it again.

Portworx Enterprise cluster: A Portworx Enterprise cluster will be up and running on your instance of Kubernetes. We will take care of your topology. The volume data will be properly distributed between Portworx storage nodes according to topology-related settings. We will be using internal Portworx metadata service.

Portworx and Kubernetes integration: Your Kubernetes cluster will be properly integrated with Portworx Enterprise cluster. This feature will allow your team to manage storage requests by using standard Kubernetes persistent storage model (PV/PVC). Your application delivery team may start using Portworx smoothly.

Customer Prerequisites

We will need the following from you as part of the service delivery. Delays in these areas may affect the how quickly we can complete the service.

Software, Cloud and Hardware components  can also be purchased through Li9.

Software Components:

– Access to infrastructure: The project team needs a remote access to your Kubernetes/OpenShift clusters and infrastructure to complete the work involved. We assume that admin Kubernetes access rights are provided. We will also need SSH access to all Kubernetes compute nodes.

– Kubernetes cluster: We assume that Kubernetes (or OpenShift) installation is already up and running with at least 3 compute nodes.

– Block storage configuration: You will be asked to add a number of disks to every Kubernetes compute node. The total number of disks is dependent on your capacity requirements. However, you will be asked to add at least one 200G disk to every compute node. Additionally, we will need a 64G disk on at least 3 compute nodes to store cluster metadata.


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