Li9 Gitlab Success Stories

Customer and Partner Comments

ViQi Inc - Kris Kvilekval, President and Architect

"Li9 brings a broad knowledge of system organization with true hands-on implementation experience that has been instrumental in accelerating ViQi's deployment of Kubernetes and incorporating Gitlab into ViQi's developer and production workflows.  They have been very professional and their work is impressive."

PWCC Marketplace - Aaron Oathout, Software Architect

"Working with Li9 was a fantastic experience. They are very professional extremely knowledgeable and innovative. Li9 engineers are a critical part of the team and continue to contribute to our company's success. I look forward to our continued collaboration going forward."

Avangrid Renewables - Kyle Clark, Sr. Linux Systems Administrator

"Working with Li9 consultants was a great experience. Provided a great modern solution for our company that was tailored to our needs. Highly recommend their services if you are short on hands or need a fresh perspective on the trending solutions in the industry."

Red Hat - Garrett Nekic, Chicago Territory Services Manager


“Working with the Li9 Team is always a pleasure. They are always prepared and are very comfortable digging into the most technically challenging problems.”

To ensure that our solutions meet customer expectations and achieve desired business value, Li9 leverages best-practice project management that includes at least:


Maintaining confidentiality and transparency is essential with Li9 projects. Li9 treats all project-related information as confidential and provides designated customer stakeholders with access to this information throughout the project.


At Li9, we customize our solutions to align with each client’s specific business needs,

Defined Outcome, Scope, and Deliverables

A well-defined project scope and outcomes are fundamental to a successful project. Li9 works closely with customers to clearly understand their expectations and deliverables. Defining and documenting all expected project milestones and timelines are key.

Project Management

Each Li9 project includes project management from initiation to completion to ensure the project is on time and budget with clear communication between Li9 and our customers.

Change Management

Every project is subject to changes, and managing these changes effectively is crucial for the project’s success. Requested changes are reviewed with customer stakeholders and the Li9 project team with agreed effect on scope timeline, and costs.

Customer Acceptance

Li9 projects include an agreed-upon customer acceptance process to ensure that our customer’s expectations for the project deliverables and timelines are met before the project is considered complete and successful.

Biotech – Infrastructure as Code in AWS

Biotech – Infrastructure as Code in AWS

1. Use docker-compose on local desktops

2. There aren’t monitoring and logging services

3. There isn’t a backup/restore strategy

4. Hard to reproduce an environment(no automation)

5. Manual promotion

6. Poor documentation

1. Terraform implementation with Git integration

2. Use EKS, RDS, EC, EC2 in AWS, migration to Cloud

3. Gitlab CI/CD implementation

4. Grafana Monitoring/Logging stack implementation

5. Knowledge sharing

1. Fully automated, reproducible infrastructure

2. Proactive problem identification and prevention

3. Disaster Recovery plan is ready

4. High-available and robust infrastructure

5. Documentation for developers and DevOps

6. Improved security of the development process

Microfinance – Increase SW Development Productivity

Microfinance - Increase SW Development Productivity

1. Outdated IT department operations

2. Long release cycles (4-5 releases a year)

3. Real development time is less than 10%

4. Lack of standardization

5. Frequent bugs causing low-quality product

1. Migration to Kubernetes for flexible and scalable application deployment

2. Implemented automated testing (smoke, functional, security, performance)

3. Automated build and release pipelines for frequent micro-releases|

4. Fostered a culture of fast feedback loops for rapid problem identification and resolution.

1. Real development time increased to over 50%

2. Standardized development environment

3. 5x improvement in IT development productivity with daily/weekly releases

4. 10x reduction in bugs and substantial improvement in product quality

1. Transparency fuels informed decisions and happier stakeholders

2.Time to market for new solutions launched from months to weeks

3. Company-Wide Impact: Success across ALL IT and most NON-IT projects, proving the power of structured approaches