Li9 Pilot Projects

Li9 provides quick and efficient services that help to enable the modern technology or approach in a short time period. The Pilot Project services are available for most of the technologies we are working with.

In a few weeks period, Li9 experts will design and implement the most efficient technology aligned with your goals and based on the vendor’s best-practices.

Please contact us to have more details on the Pilot Project process and expected outcomes.

What are your areas of interest?

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<a href="">Quick Starts</a>

OpenShift Pilot Project: Highly-available production-ready infrastructure This service is a step-by-step process to design and implement a kubernetes-based enterprise-grade container platform by Red Hat – OpenShift Container Platform version 4.x.
GitLab with Kubernetes Pilot Porject: DevOps and Security These deliverables are focused on implementing key DevOps and Security GitLab componennts and help customers to know GitLab better and start using key GitLab DevOps Features efficiently
GitLab with Kubernetes Infrastructure Pilot Project: Highly-available self-managed infrastructure Design and implementation of highly-available GitLab Enterprise Edition using Public Cloud Provider infrastructure or On-premises Virtualization Platform
Ansible Pilot Project: Red Hat Ansible Platform Deployment This Pilot Project helps you to have the standard enterprise-grade Automation Solution that enables automation for all levels of your IT infrastructure.