Li9 QuickStarts

Li9 provides quick and efficient services that help to enable the modern technology or approach in a short time period. The QuickStart services are available for most of the technologies we are working with.

In a few weeks period, Li9 experts will design and implement the most efficient technology aligned with your goals and based on the vendor’s best-practices.

Please contact us to have more details on Quick Starts.

Quick Starts

OpenShift Quickstart: Highly-available production-ready infrastructure This service is a step-by-step process to design and implement a kubernetes-based enterprise-grade container platform by Red Hat – OpenShift Container Platform version 4.x.

GitLab with Kubernetes QuickStart: DevOps and Security This is a quickstart that helps you to know better and start using GitLab DevOps Features efficiently

GitLab with Kubernetes QuickStart: Highly-available self-managed infrastructure Design and implementation of highly-available GitLab Enterprise Edition using Public Cloud Provider infrastructure or On-premises Virtualization Platform

Portworx QuickStart: Deployment with Kubernetes or OpenShift This quickstart includes the basic Portworx Persistent Storage Solution deployment for the Kubernetes or Kubernetes-based platform

Portworx QuickStart: Backup Service This quickstart helps to enable Portworx Backup functionality and enable the Backup solution for the specific environment 

Ansible QuickStart: Red Hat Ansible Platform Deployment This is a quickstart that helps you to have the standard enterprise-grade Automation Solution that enables automation for all levels of your IT infrastructure.