Portworx QuickStart:

Backup Service 


  • Stateful container  application backups with PX-Backup
  • Ability to restore applications and data in case of failure


  • Work with the Pure Professional Services team to implement according to your schedule
  • Wide range of supported backup locations


    • Stateful container application data is protected
    • Customer IT staff have skills to efficiently manage Portworx backup solution
    • Automated PX-Backup installation, rules, and schedule policies are properly configured and verified

    Design and implementation of application backup solution using PX-Backup on Kubernetes

    Container application data backup is a crucial component of any reliable solution since every business wants to ensure their applications are protected against any data loss. Portworx PX-Backup provides a number of enterprise features that enable reliable application backup implementation using native mechanisms. Portworx Enterprise provides a purpose-built, enterprise-class container infrastructure for Kubernetes-based platforms. Portworx includes a scalable, redundant, automated, distributed storage layer that allows deploying stateful containerized applications efficiently.


    Our Engineers will help your team to implement a stateful application backup solution using customer’s existing PX-Backup software for applications running on a Kubernetes cluster with Portworx Enterprise as a storage layer. We will demonstrate to you how the solution works on a number of sample stateful applications. Our approach enables your team to start leveraging the PX-Backup mechanisms quickly and efficiently.

    Services Overview

    This service is a step by step process to deliver application backup for target sample applications using Portworx Enterprise and PX-Backup on Kubernetes-based platforms.

    Planning:   Our project team will work with your experts to understand your business application data protection goals and priorities, technical requirements, container-native storage and containerization platform use cases, and application backup requirements.

    Discovery:  Our project team will perform a discovery session to understand your environmental architecture (focusing on Kubernetes, Portworx, and Application data layers). We will also collect all the required information to proceed with implementation.

    Prerequisites:  Our project team will help you to configure service prerequisites. Please check for the full list of prerequisites in the “Service Prerequisites” chapter. At this stage, we will also validate that all prerequisites are met.

    Automation Development:  We will develop automation to install and configure a PX-Backup solution to your infrastructure. The automation will be used for initial installation and post configuration.

    PX-Backup installation and configuration:  We will ensure if the PX-Backup solution is installed and properly configured to support the required application backup functionality. Depending on your requirements we may install it as a standalone service or with an existing Portworx Enterprise cluster. We will also ensure that appropriate authentication mechanisms are used.

    Configure application backups:  This is the cornerstone of the service. Our team will integrate PX-Backup with existing Kubernetes-based clusters,  configure backup locations, and create backup rules for a number of target applications. Rules will include pre and post backup scripts to ensure your backup data is consistent. PX-Backup schedule policies will allow automatic data backups periodically.

    Backup tests:  We will perform tests to ensure the PX-Backup solution works as expected, backups are available, and test applications can be restored properly at a specific point in time.

    Restore tests:  We will perform restoration tests depending on your environment, we will cover restoration to the same namespace, custom namespace, show how to restore jobs and replace the existing resources.

    Solution Design


    PX-Backup installation: We’ll install and configure the PX-Backup solution using the customer’s existing Kubernetes-based platform.

    PX-Backup installation and Configuration automation: Scripted automation will be configured to allow repeating the deployment and configuration process whenever needed.

    Demo application deployment: We’ll deploy sample applications to demonstrate PX-Backup functionality, including a simple web-site, SQL database, and NoSQL database.

    Backup Rules design: We’ll create backup rules for a number of stateless and stateful applications to demonstrate the basic backup functionality, usage of Pre-exec and Post-exec rules, how to create backup schedules, and use of backup labels.

    Backup Restoration demo: We’ll remove the test data from the demo applications and the whole namespaces, then restore the deleted items to the same Kubernetes-based cluster, or to the new destination.

    Knowledge sharing: We’ll provide a technical overview of Portworx Backup functionality, covering all the necessary topics to help you work comfortably with the Portworx backup solution.