OpenShift Quickstart:

Highly-available production-ready infrastructure


  • Industry-standard containerization platform
  • Standardization of application development and delivery
  • Built-in high-availability


  • Work with the Li9 Solution Technology team to implement according to your schedule
  • The service delivery takes only two weeks


  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, all its features are available
  • Customer IT staff have skills to efficiently manage Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

Design and implementation of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

The modern development and application delivery infrastructure is impossible without a container virtualization layer that provides high-availability and flexibility for the applications and helps to improve delivery to reach high SLAs and the business goals quickly.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is the industry leadership, modern, and enterprise-grade container platform built based on industry-standard components and frameworks such as Kubernetes, Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS. OpenShift provides all necessary functionality and technical features to deploy highly-available robust container-native infrastructure to deploy resilient services and applications.

Li9 Technology Solutions provides a rapid deployment and configuration methodology offering for Red Hat OpenShift design, implementation, and smooth containerization enablement.

The Customer Experience

Li9 Technology Solutions is the technical partner of Red Hat Inc. Li9 focuses on helping customers enable modern IT technologies and the DevOps approach to assist the business in achieving goals faster and move new products into production.


Our team will help your team design and implement Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform deployment, and enable its functionality.

Solution Design

Services Overview

This service is a step-by-step process to design and implement a kubernetes-based enterprise-grade container platform by Red Hat – OpenShift Container Platform version 4.x.

Planning: Our project team will work with your experts to understand your infrastructure, development and DevOps processes, goals and priorities, technical requirements, and containerization platform use cases.

Discovery: Our project team will perform a discovery session to understand your environmental architecture, focusing on Kubernetes-based containerization platform, DevOps and source code control, quality, and security utilities. We will also collect all the required information to proceed with implementation.

Prerequisites: Our project team will help you to configure service prerequisites. Please check for the full list of prerequisites in the “Service Prerequisites” chapter. At this stage, we will also validate that all prerequisites are met.

Automation development: We will develop automation to install and configure the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform in your infrastructure. The automation will be used for initial installation and post configuration.

OpenShift installation and configuration: We will ensure if the Red Hat OpenShift is installed and properly configured to provide you its functionality. 

OpenShift functionality and tests:  We will perform tests to ensure the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is highly available, all the necessary features are enabled, and it works as expected.


OpenShift Installation:  Li9 team will install and configure a highly-available Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform cluster according to all the best-practices, using one of the supported compute platforms.

OpenShift deployment and Configuration automation: Scripted automation will be configured to allow repeating the deployment and configuration process whenever needed.

OpenShift high-availability and functionality demo:  Li9 team will perform high-availability tests for the cluster components to show the stability of the platform; we’ll discuss with your team the pros of the platform and possible ways to move forward with further integration to the existing infrastructure.

OpenShift demo application deployment:  Li9 team will deploy the demo application to the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform cluster and show your team how it could be integrated with source code control systems and the simplicity of the application deployment process.

Pilot application onboarding: Li9 team will work with your team to onboard one of your existing applications to the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Knowledge Sharing:  Li9 team will provide a technical overview of OpenShift functionality, covering all the necessary topics to help you work comfortably with the solution.