GitLab Pilot Project in a Customer’s Own Environment

DevSecOps Delivered as a Single Application

Li9 modernizes our customers’ IT environments by leveraging our expertise with traditional and emerging technologies. We provide strategy, architecture, implementation services, and software sales to National and Global customers across all industries.

Li9 can provide a 30-day free trial of GitLab’s Ultimate software and a Pilot Project to demonstrate GitLab’s Ultimate capabilities in a customer’s environment. Please fill in the information below, and we’ll contact you to discuss it.

Li9 has expertise with traditional and emerging technologies and has selected GitLab as a critical solution for implementing a True DevSecOps environment. Li9 Architects have expertise and experience implementing small to 5000+ User High-Availability GitLab Environments. In addition, Li9 Architects and Sales Engineers have numerous GitLab certifications.

GitLab Ultimate Automated Software Development Life Cycle

GitLab Pilot Project

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