DevOps aligns development and operations to optimize quality, security, and application delivery.

Li9 leverages the following 6-Step Process to move customers to a modern DevOps environment.  Li9 can start with customers at any of these stages, depending on their maturity,  with the most important features being identified business value and complete automation. 

Li9’s 6-Step Process to Modern DevOps


Review customer business and Technical goals and identify significant pain points.


Agree on strategy and design underlying DevOps architecture to support business and IT goals


Provide knowledge transfer through solution demos, hands-on workshops, open labs,  and formal training classes.


Implement a pilot project that provides a production-ready solution, that has value and success that can be measured.


Make necessary adjustments based on pilot projects. identify additional projects that provide the best ROI and build out additional infrastructure.


Complete Automation of sources to produce and operate processes and array changes for the migration of additional projects and Day 2 Operations

DevOps Consulting

We help you integrate your development and operations teams through the adoption of cloud-native technologies appropriate for your DevOps transformation.

Powerful Technology Stack

We help you enable modern technologies, containerize your applications, and migrate all the infrastructure to the next abstract level.

Modern Technologies

We help you onboard your teams to new modern technologies solutions, use virtualization and containerization platforms efficiently in an automated manner.

Everything as Code

We help you automate all your current processes, migrate the old home-grown scripts to efficient automation solutions, provision all the necessary resources and deliver by pressing one button.

Container Native Infrastructures and Microservices

Li9 experts work with Kubernetes-based platforms to make the customer infrastructure faster, cost-efficient and dramatically increase application delivery speed. Li9 enables Amazon EKS, Google GKE, and Azure Kubernetes services to integrate them with your Development, CI/CD, and DevOps infrastructures.
For the on-premises infrastructures, we design and implement Kubernetes clusters with different networking backends and container-native storage. We enable sub-systems and use modules only beneficial for your environment.
Li9 experts keep all existing Kubernetes professional certificates.

All-in-one source code control and DevOps solution

Applications and solutions source code is the essential key component of any enterprise development process, and it has exceptionally high value. The source code should be protected, controlled, tested, and secure.
GitLab is the efficient single-window solution that eliminates all possible complexity and provides out-of-box functionality of source code control system, application testing, and security code scanning.
Li9 Technology Solutions is the technical partner of GitLab Inc. Li9 focuses on helping customers enable modern IT technologies and the DevOps approach to assist the business in achieving goals faster and move new products into production.

Quick Starts

GitLab with Kubernetes Pilot Project: DevOps and Security Features implementation

This is a Quick Start that helps you to know better and start using GitLab DevOps Features efficiently, implementing complex CI automation scenarios

GitLab with Kubernetes Infrastructure Pilot Project: Highly-available self-managed infrastructure

Design and implementation of highly-available GitLab Enterprise Edition using Public Cloud Provider infrastructure or On-premises Virtualization Platform

OpenShift Pilot Project: Highly-available production-ready infrastructure

This service is a step-by-step process to design and implement a kubernetes-based enterprise-grade container platform by Red Hat – OpenShift Container Platform version 4.x


Build and sustain high-performing teams with our flexible and customized training and knowledge transfer programs. To reap the benefits of DevOps and Agile, the development of your people is absolutely key. That is why we offer in-depth, custom-built training aimed at equipping your teams with vital skills that enhance their competency and professionalizing the state of the practice.
From comprehensive Agile workshops and DevOps training, to hands on training on setup and configuration of various tools, we can provide the expert assistance and dedicated help that you need to ensure your teams keep pace with modern environments.